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Using Art To Fight

While in freshman high, I developed an interest in cover design for web fiction, educating myself through online tutorials of video editing and graphics programs such as Photoshop. Once I’d mastered these fundamentals, I began to undertake a range of graphic designs, including cell phone wallpapers and web game and advertising pictures. I now understand how the combination of media and design disseminates information effectively. This feature of the graphic design is the driving force behind my choice of study.

I have preferred digital tools since my junior year. Exploring virtual worlds inspires and stimulates me. Sketching can only take me so far; new digital tools allow me to hold an imaginary conversation with another world. My design for an LGBTQ webpage, for example, presented intriguing information in a visually attractive way. From laying out the webpage to selecting the visual elements to design the T-shirt with the website logo, I used the process of learning and applying these digital tools to hone my thinking and creativity.

During senior high, I have been preparing for a future in professional design, including focusing two years on learning to draw. My outlook on art and design, however, is not confined to drawing. I endeavor to employ new tools to create a diverse range of visual effects. I have been sharpening my vision through studying different disciplines, such as computer science and psychology. I am particularly interested in psychology, which explores the inner workings of the human mind. As times change, designers wield different concepts and techniques. The challenge is to preserve the quality of traditional design while incorporating new design environments. Having developed knowledge of a wide range of disciplines beyond art, I am able to maintain a clear vision and consistently compose suitable designs.

One of the artists who most influences me is Kota Iguchi, who transmits information via dynamic tension and appealing visuals in the simple design. The Kanji City Project is an example. He inspires me that images and designs have the power to present from a person’s statement to a country’s culture. The beauty of art and graphic design is to put the exoteric world on a piece of paper. For modern society, artists and designers are not only people who are painting or designing, but also who speak and voice for beliefs and cultures they stand for. As a part of LGBTQ community, I want to work for fighting against discrimination by using graphic design. When the statement comes up with visual impact, the message is communicated by an effective way to the public directly. Images, even simple lines, have a great power that we can imagine. To be a graphic designer, my tools, my thoughts, and my works allow me to talk with the world and the whole society from my own opinion. I resolve to better understand graphic design, and I am ready for the challenge of reaching my goal of a career in graphic design.

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As part of the LGBTQ community, I want to fight against discrimination by using graphic design. With the help of visually impactful media, messages can effectively be communicated to the public. I cam

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Feb 03, 2018

This is my story.

She and I, get to know each other for three years, the love for half a year, we from strangers to each other's love, experienced many, especially the exotic love, during that time, we sometimes have a fight, but, we have insisted on down, because we love each other, so more problems will not separate. I know this road is difficult to walk, but also to face up to, believe in the future, there will be more people to accept homosexuality.

Hopefully, all the gays will come to the end.

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