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      In my portfolio, the “YOU, US, ME” video was inspired by the Circle Website project and was meant to serve as a voice for the LGBTQ community. The website uses three circles to show the inseparable relationship between groups, meaning that whether one is LGBTQ or not, we are all parts of the same whole. Our society needs each of us to function properly. Thus, in the video, I used a round lens to reflect the theme of the three circles. 


       I collected video footage from various international television shows that addressed LGBTQ topics. For example, I used, Hormones (Chinese), Ooku (Japanese), Skam (Norwegian), The Summer of Sangaile (Lithuanian) and Chloe (French-Canadian), and Skins and Queer as Folk (American). While editing, I used a stressed piano note in the background music for each scene transition. This technique was intended as a way to capture the viewers' emotions. The font used in the video is Gilbert, a free font inspired by the Rainbow Flag. 

The video is divided into three parts. The first part contains scenes of a busy street. In this part, the word "YOU" appears, which represents everybody in our society, regardless of gender, age, or group. 


       The second part focuses specifically on one group, LGBTQ individuals, and incorporates LGBTQ film material. At first, the mood is cheery and upbeat and shows the beauty of LGBTQ love. Suddenly, a scene shows a character crying, and the tone becomes oppressive and dark. The sad expressions, tears, and gazes of the characters in the video are full of helpless distress. This change represents the difficulties that LGBTQ individuals face in modern society; they are seen as different and excluded. Just being one's true self-requires extreme courage and becomes one of the most difficult things one can do. With the introduction of a cello, the background music goes from peaceful to gloomy, and a blank screen appears with the sound of a gunshot. The gunshot represents the cruel judgment of society. The conflict between the LGBTQ community and society occurs. After the blank screen, a struggling hand represents the difficulty of surviving for the LGBTQ community. Finally, a girl falls alone in the snow, demonstrating helplessness, isolation, and misery of LGBTQ community.


       The third part represents 'me' as a member of the LGBTQ community and an independent entity within society. The balloon floats down from the sky and explodes as it touches the ground. This scene has two different connotations. This scene represents freeing myself from all shackles and feeling fearless. Faced with the pressure and castigation of society, the balloons finally explode and signifies my declaration to be my true self. Additionally, this scene represents society gradually becoming more inclusive. As the LGBTQ community continues to fight, discrimination will disappear, just like the balloon as it reaches the ground.


        As part of the LGBTQ community, I want to fight against discrimination by using graphic design. With the help of visually impactful media, messages can effectively be communicated to the public. 

Harper chen,



01 / 2018

YOU, US, ME - Video

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